(807) 274-3131 info@gizhac.com

Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre Management

Shanna W – Executive Director
Cheryl M – Human Resources Manager
Denise A – Office Manager
Rhonda M – Clinical Programs Manager
Sam K – Programs Manager
Tina S – Finance Manager

Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre Team Members

Allan L – Maintenance
April M – Registered Nurse/Clinic Lead
Ashley S – Medical Receptionist
Austin J – Child and Youth Land Based Coordinator
Brad F – Cultural Coordinator
Cassandra M – Human Resources Assistant
Chelsea G – Executive Assistant
Cherie M – Medical Office Assistant
Cheyenne V – Nurse Practitioner
Christa B – Health Educator
Christie B – Indigenous Care Coordinator
Dan L – Mental Health Worker
Danette M – Nurse Practitioner
Dayle C – Registered Nurse/Diabetes Educator
Dianne M – Casual Finance Assistant/Receptionist
Donna H – RPN/System Navigator
Elin C – Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator
Giselle S – RPN Clinic Nurse
James W – Mental Health Worker
Janet D – Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Lead
John P – IT/Data Management Coordinator
Leah G – Nurse Practitioner
MaryJane K – Ojibway Medical Translator
Melanie F – Programs Administrative Assistant
Micaela B – Casual RPN Clinic Nurse
Pam J – Cultural Coordinator
Rachel V – Nurse Practitioner
Randi F – Primary Care Asthma Program Coordinator
Ray I – Maintenance
Robert L – Casual Maintenance
Robyn D – FASD and Child Nutrition Coordinator
Sam M – Child and Youth Land Based Coordinator
Sarah H – OTN/System Navigator
Shauna-Leigh C – Health Educator
Tammy G – Medical Receptionist
Trish S – RPN Clinic Nurse
Dr. L. Keffer – Physician
Dr. B. Laxton – Physician
Dr. J. Gustafson – Physician