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The Indigenous Care Coordination Program was put in place to address the needs and improve the experiences of our Indigenous clients in the hospital. The program staffs Indigenous Care Coordinators (ICC) who work primarily out of La Verendrye Hospital. The ICC works with the client, hospital and community to provide client-centered care.


Services the ICC provides may include (but not limited to) the following:

  •           Visiting with the client;
  •           Speaking to the client in their first language, or coordinating for someone to come in who can speak the language;
  •           Arranging for cultural needs, such as smudging, traditional medicines, offering tobacco;
  •           Arranging for Elders, Traditional Healers, or others whose visits and knowledge would be a benefit to the client;
  •           Advocating for the client;
  •           Arranging for transition out of the hospital to home;
  •           Arranging for out-of-hospital follow-up and support.

Please call 274-3131 for more information.