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When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters

The Asthma Education program has been in place since April, 2001. It began as a research project for the Ministry of Health & Long term Care. The initial program was to determine the quality of care asthmatics were receiving in this area. The Health Access Center was one of eight sites participating in this initiative province wide.  During the 4 year research project which included education for clients with Asthma ,  the MOH was able to conclude that the quality of life had improved for the recipients who signed on for the project. Although the research project will continue  until April 2010 when data will be compiled and published in Medical reports, the end result was a considerable amount saved for Hospital stays, ER visits and MD appointments.

Through this project, the MOH had determined that Asthma Education was needed across the province and began introducing programs to 16 sites province wide, with the access center continuing to provide asthma education in the Rainy River district. You may access our services by calling and setting up an appointment with the asthma educator who will assist with information on the physiology of asthma and effects of a chronic disease on the lungs , types of medications and how they will aid in helping the clients control and manage their asthma, inhaler and arochamber technique . The diagnostic tool for Asthma continues to be SPIROMETRY which is a key component in the education process, this service is provided at no cost to the clients . The asthma educator works closely with your Physician to determine your diagnosis and a treatment plan that works well for each individual client.  You do not require a referral to set up an appointment, please feel free to call the asthma educator to schedule an appointment (807)274-3131.