(807) 274-3131 info@gizhac.com

The nutrition program offers education and counseling aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and at preventing disease and its complications. Nutrition services are provided through one-on-one counseling and group sessions. Nutrition topics that can be addressed include:

  • healthy eating and lifestyle
  • weight management
  • diabetes prevention and management
  • nutrition throughout the lifecycle
  • nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • label reading and portion sizes
  • cholesterol and heart health
  • food budgeting
  • hypertension
  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • celiac disease
  • baby food making workshops
  • community kitchens
  • grocery store tours

We offer breast feeding education and a breast pump loan out program. For more information on nutrition services contact the Gizhewaadiziwin Heath Access Centre at (807)274-3131.