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Announcements and Reminders

June 3rd is our Staff Appreciation BBQ! The Management Team is excited to throw this event for all the staff.

June 4th is our Staff and Board golf tournament! Let Chelsea know before May 23rd if you’re joining and if you need clubs.

Have you been doing your daily COVID screen on the app? Please make sure you’re doing this every day!


The primary mandate of the Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre is to provide services to aboriginal people in the Rainy River District, both on and off reserve as well as Metis peoples.

Mission Statement

The Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre is dedicated to providing equal access to quality health care for all Aboriginal people within the Rainy River District. Our services include culturally appropriate primary health care delivered through our clinic and community outreach services.

Funding Sources

The Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre is a non-profit organization. Funding is received from various different provincial ministries. The majority of the funding for the Centre is received from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Other funding is received by the  Ministry of Health Promotion, Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and the NW LHIN.

Statistical Information

As of 2007, we have 4119 patients accessing services from the Access Centre.  The number of patients has significantly increased over the past several years.  We have grown consistently by about 500 patients each year for the past 6 years.  These numbers reflect patients participating in all services.