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Fort Frances Tribal Area

Announcements and Reminders

June 3rd is our Staff Appreciation BBQ! The Management Team is excited to throw this event for all the staff.

June 4th is our Staff and Board golf tournament! Let Chelsea know before May 23rd if you’re joining and if you need clubs.

Have you been doing your daily COVID screen on the app? Please make sure you’re doing this every day!

The Gizhewaadiziwin Access Centre, located in the heart of the Fort Frances Tribal Area and the Rainy River District, is the result of a unique partnership between area First Nations, the United Native Friendship Centre and the Sunset Country Metis.

The Tribal Area is comprised of ten First Nations. These include:

•    Couchiching
•    Seine River
•    Lac La Croix
•    Nigigoonsiminikaaning
•    Rainy River First Nations

•    Naicatchewenin
•    Mitaanjigaming

•    Big Grassy River
•    Big Island
•    Ojibways of Onegaming

The United Native Friendship Centre plays a pivotal role in providing social, cultural and recreational programs and services to both on reserve and urban Aboriginal people of the area. The Friendship Centre offers a wide variety of social, cultural and recreational programming to both Native and non-native residents of the area. These programs and services include Adult Literacy, Addictions Counseling, Criminal and Family Courtworker, Aboriginal Family Support, Children and Youth Programming, Community based Long Term Care as well as cultural retention initiatives.

The Sunset Metis Association is a community based organization dedicated to furthering the social, economic, cultural and educational needs of the areas Metis population.

It is estimated that the total on reserve population of the Fort Frances Tribal Area is approximately 2,600. The off reserve population including status, non-status and Metis is approximately 3,200.

The area First Nations, Friendship Centre and Metis have all contributed to the rich and vibrant native culture that exists in the Fort Frances Tribal Area. The summer months alive with the beat of traditional drums, songs and the sound of native dancers celebrating the life that the creator has given to us all.