Primary Care & Clinical Services

The Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre offers a full range of primary health care services in our clinic and through community outreach programs.  Primary Health Care refers to routine medical care for prevention, maintenance, diagnosis, treatment, chronic disease management, immunizations and referrals to other service providers, including specialists.

We have 2 full time nurse practitioners, 1 part time physicians, and 1 RN and 1 RPN.

In addition to regular routine medical care, the clinic also performs some diagnostic procedures, such as EKG, specimen collection, such as blood, urine, etc.  We have a working relationship with Riverside Health Care Facilities and the Fort Frances Family Health Team for consultations, diagnostic imaging and laboratory analysis. 

Primary Health Care is also provided through our community outreach clinics.  Monthly community clinic visits are held in eight of the first nation communities in our district, in order to increase access to primary care for aboriginal people living on reserve.

Appointments can be made with any of the providers by contacting the Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre at 274-3131.

Can a nurse practitioner prescribe my medications and/or order the tests I need?