Aboriginal FASD & Child Nutrition Program

FASD is the new term used to describe anyone who has been affected by prenatal alcohol exposure, including FAS.

FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME (FAS) and other alcohol related birth defects refer to a group of physical and mental birth defects resulting from a woman drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

PARTIAL FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME (PFAS) - children with PFAS have faces that look different and have one of the following: growth problems, unexplained learning or behavioral problems.

FETAL ALCOHOL EFFECTS (FAE) - an older term used to describe children with some degree of brain damage, growth problems and /or other birth defects, but don't have the facial features seen in FAS. Although this term is still used, the Institute of Medicine has replaced this term with ARBD and ARND.

ALCOHOL RELATED NEURODEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER (ARND) - Children with ARND have learning and /or behavioral problems that are associated with prenatal alcohol exposure but don't have the typical facial differences or growth problems.

ALCOHOL RELATED BIRTH DEFECTS (ARBD) - children with ARBD have confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure and alcohol related birth defects. They don't have the typical facial features you see with prenatal alcohol exposure or learning problems.

We provide education and information on the consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

We offer group style as well as one-one information sessions on
    •    FAS/FAE
    •    Parenting Classes/Life Skills
    •    Teen Groups
    •    Education on Nutrition
    •    FASD Parent Support Group
    •    Women's Addiction Support Group (Mother's Against Addictions) M.A.A.
    •    Aboriginal Crafts
    •    Breakfast for Learning Programs
    •    Healthy Living Food Box


Northwestern Ontario FASD Diagnostic Clinic

FASD requires a medical diagnosis from an interdisciplinary assessment team. The Northwestern Ontario FASD Diagnostic Clinic has Interdisciplinary Teams in both the Kenora and Rainy River Districts, and the Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre provides clinic space for the Diagnostic Team in Fort Frances.

For more information on how to get a referral for a diagnosis through the Northwestern Ontario FASD Diagnostic Clinic, please contact the Health Systems Navigator at 274-3131.